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  • Do you want to transform your routine-like & unfulfilled life?

  • Do you seek help in making your business profitable and successfull?

  • Are you Launching you new Startup and need a Complete Startup Setup Solution?

  • Do you seek Qualification in Music Technology or Game Development?

  • Do you need someone to supply Multimedia Technology Equipment?

  • Do you seek the services of a Professional Remedial Sport Massage Studio?

  • Do you want to be interviewed on Radio or need exposure of your brand on radio?

  • Do you need a Website, Logo, LMS, Shopping Cart or Company Registration?

  • Are you getting Married and want a beautiful online wedding invitation site?

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Who Is Martin Willemse?

  • Executive Serial Entrepreneur
  • Transformational Business & Mindset Coach
  • Visionary & Idea-generating Machine
  • Founder & Director of Multiple Companies
  • Head of EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute

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    JT Foxx

    Gene Simons

    Randi Zuckerberg

    Johanna Mukoki

    Steven Bradbury


    John Travolta

    Steve Wozniac

    Ndaba Mandela

    Dj Fresh

    Bret Michaels

    Christie Brinkly

    50 Cent

    Nedo Qubein

    Hugh Hilton


    Mark Anthony Bates

    Mel Gibson

    Mark Wahlberg

    Anthony Lolli

    Wade van Niekerk

    George Ross

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    “Martin Willemse’s revolutionary new way of thinking is transforming people who share the same common positive beliefs so that we as a community are more willing to take risks, experiment which requires failure, explore and go where no one has gone before with the confidence so that if we fail, trip over or turn our backs that those in our community will pick us up when we fall over, help us when we’re hurt and celebrate with us when we achieve.

    Through his actions and beliefs I’ve learnt that we are not good by ourselves but if we go out as a group we are amazing.

    Martin also helped me understand that the human imagination is a powerful tool and that everything we accomplish comes from authenticity, positivity, opportunity, commitment and being loyal toward others, hence making ones true destiny a reality, reaching a true state of fulfillment in the lives of others and oneself in the process.

    Thank you from the deepest corners of my heart Martin for resonating with the solutions toward our greatest challenges in life and for making the world a better place every day! You are truly a special person to all of us.

    One of the most important life lessons I can take from you is that you always listen and act according to the needs of others at the cost of your own self-interest.”

    “Martin has a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial mindset. I always learn a lot from him.

    He always takes it upon himself to learn as much as possible from the best and then sharing that knowledge to other.

    That’s one of the many ways in which he inspires me.”

    Lerothodi Moagi

    “When it comes to coaching and mentoring there are a number of so-called commentators out there, but Martin Willemse’s influence definitely makes it happen.

    As a talented and passionate mentor and coach, he has motivated me and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and help me make them a reality”

    Mihlo Ramai

    ” Martin is a great mentor and friend.

    I value the level of knowledge he shared to me over the last couple of years and the positive transformation has within me.

    Spending time with Martin is a true investment.”

    Ferrins Pieterse
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