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“There is no escalator to success – You have to take it step by step – but getting coached is like taking an elevator!”

Getting coached is an investment that will help you excel in life, help achieve your life goals faster and avoid living a frustrating and unfulfilled life.

You do not have to make the same mistakes most people make from learning the hard way – instead you can learn from someone who already walked the walk and gained years of experience and knowledge learned from their coaches to avoid frustration, time and money.


My Name is Martin Willemse and I am a Wealth & Transformation Coach specializing in Personal and Business Growth and Development.

I have many qualifications in various industries and Honors in Psychology with over 20 years of experience in starting and growing businesses and self-experienced in personal transformation from having a boring and frustrating routine life to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle living each day to the fullest.

I am being coached by the world’s number one wealth and business coach JT Foxx and his coaches Mark Anthony Bates, George Ross, Hugh Hilton, Nedo Qubein and other business coaches and strategists like Randy Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniac, Cherie Eilersten, Dana Van Hoose, Angelo Kahayas.

I have met and learned from successful celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Gene Simons and Anthony Lolli on their advice and various approaches to success and how to deal with the pro’s and con’s that comes with it.

I do not work with anyone but only those who are serious in changing their lives and realize the value in committing into coaching other than what it will cost them.

My coaching does not come cheap – I do not offer refunds and I do not guarantee results.

Many of my successful students have either started their own profitable businesses, tripled the profits of their existing companies or changed their lives completely having more time to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

What I’m offering to you is the opportunity to change your life or your business’s success as a result of my coaching.

The question that stands between you and the success you seek is: “How Badly do you want it?”


Commitment is the number one RULE of engagement. Without your 100% commitment you will not achieve the desired results that will only result in frustration, doubt and loss of time and money.

As results coach I commit myself to you as student to share only my best (knowledge, skills and experience) to achieve the best results possible.

I ONLY work with students who is serious, who has a burning desire to get results, who commits 100%, is not a “know it all”, and is coachable.


Based on the terms of commitment above you will have to complete and submit an online pre-coaching questionnaire that will provide adequate information about yourself, your problems and what you want to achieve or change through coaching.


Each coaching student will perform an international recognized personal profile test before the first session. Your personalized report will give both the coach and student a clear understanding of your personality type, your preferences, likes and dislikes and the approach of the coaching for fastest and most effective results.

You will also receive a copy of your test results that will explain your profile type and a better understanding of yourself worth over R5,000


Even though the coaching principles has been proven to yield successful results in many coaching students there are no guarantees as a result of the coaching as there are too many external factors that may play a role that is beyond the control of the coach.

These factors may include but are not limited to lack of implementation and execution, follow-through, personal surroundings and influences by family members, friends, laws, and a willingness to learn and grow.

Should the coaching student implement the exact instructions as provided by the coach, the chances of success will be higher.


I do not belief in start working from a specific coaching program or guidelines although we will cover additional aspects that promotes growth aspects. Each student’s needs are different, and the best results gets achieved when starting from what the client’s biggest needs are.


I take a holistic approach to a situation as the cause of a problem might lean in other areas of the individual that the client does not even know about.

Coaching sessions are done remotely over Skype or Zoom, at my offices or at the Client’s location depending on the requirements, needs or situation.


I provide three coaching plan options:

1-Session Coaching Plan

Cost: R20,000

Duration: 3-4 hours per session.

3-Session Coaching Plan

Cost: R40,000

Duration: 3-4 hours per session.

8-Session Coaching Plan

Cost: R80,000

Duration: 3-4 hours per session.


The real question is…



Full Payments are done upfront and no refunds are accepted. Please make a payment according to your desired coaching plan into the following bank account with your name as reference:


ACC NAME: MC Willemse

ACC NR: 62629388845

BRANCH: Pretoria

Branch Code: 222026

Email proof of payment to


Coaching may be done in the form of a Skype or Zoom call, physical visit at the coaches’ office or at the client’s location depending on the type of coaching that is needed.

Should the coach need to travel to the student’s location, traveling and accommodation costs will be covered by the student.


Students who does not participate or take their coaching seriously will result in undesired results and may lead to a bad coaching reputation.

Students get one chance to mess up and make up. After that after words the coach has the right to terminate the coaching any time during the coaching process without a refund due to a lack of participation, implementation and execution from the coaching student.

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